Best Selling Cleanse and Tone Combo

Best Selling Cleanse and Tone Combo

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Don’t look past this Gel Cleanser!


It’s a lightweight, mild formula contained in a PET bottle and super-easy to pump out. Just the perfect option for unclogging pores & removing any excess oil, bacteria, pollution and general gunk from the skin’s surface. This gel concoction includes several natural ingredients like aqua, glycerin, glycol, etc. that leave the skin looking luminous and feeling fresh. 

This Gel Toner is water-based & infused with a number of hydrating ingredients that balance oil production for luminous, dewy skin. 

It has a gel texture, neither watery nor thick as lotion, and feels super-soft and slimy on the skin. Apply it to clear up residue from the cleanser and for a whole bunch of other hydrating and restorative benefits. The toner is enriched with licorice, aloe leaf juice, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, sodium hyaluronate to soften & lighten the skin, balance out oil, and keep dryness at bay!