Cracked Rose - Archival Print

Cracked Rose - Archival Print

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For the first time ever we are offering a limited sale of prints from the artist and our CEO David Castro. In this first issuance, 100 signed and numbered pieces will be available as well as 200 unsigned pieces and un-numbered pieces. 

This piece is entitled Cracked Rose and is from a series of 1:1 artwork all created freehand in a single session each. There is no opportunity to erase. Each piece starts with inspiration and the rest is a stream of energy using me as a conduit to create. Cracked Rose is inspired by the imperfectly perfect. To acknowledge what one may call imperfections as the uniqueness that makes you exactly that. There are several other messages. Some are interpersonal and some may resonate with you, but those are to be discovered independently. 


Recommended frame size - 11x14 with 8x10 mat. 

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