Growing in Love

Growing in Love

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We don’t get bitter we get better! Life can be unpredictable, but this sweet aroma will bring love into any situation. Life is all about living with a purpose, showing gratitude, and most importantly loving yourself first. Lead in love and watch how free flowing life becomes.

What Does This Mean?

Live Life Purposely: 

Face life head on with pure intentions and integrity. Incorporate love in everything you do. 

Show Gratitude: 

Live in the present moment. Embrace your journey.

Love Yourself First:

 It all starts with you. Speak positive affirmations and mantras over your life.

Scent Profile

First Impression: Plum, Citrus

At the Heart:  Amber, Jasmine

Lasting Memory: Dark Musk, Amyris, Benzoin 

Candle Care

Size: 12 oz Candle

Burn Time:  Approximately 60+ hours

To prevent fire and serious injury always trim wick to ¼ inch before lighting. On the first burn allow wax to melt to edge of container. Never burn longer than 4- hour intervals and keep candle away from things that can potentially catch on fire. Place candle on a heat resistant surface and avoid drafts. Never leave candle unattended and keep away from children and pets. Always let wax harden before relighting, touching, or moving.