Brand Spotlight: Aurescents

Started by men for men, Aurescents introduces luxury scents to more men with their distinct style and modern vibes. FLOURYSH spent 5 minutes with Founder Kherwin Nurse who shared how the brand creates an aromatic experience for every man. 

Our brand pays homage to the culture by bringing the perfect vibe to your spaces. All of our scents are modeled after nostalgia.

What inspired you to create a luxury candle line for men? 

When you think of a candle, a lot of times they don't necessarily cater to men and a lot of men don't necessarily go out and buy them. The scents that we may prefer, such as something earthy or masculine, may not really appeal to us in the market. 

You wanted your candles to give more to the room than just a good scent. Tell us what else makes them so special. 

So each one of each of our candles pay homage to the culture by curating a scent that represents a specific vibe. For example Flix & Chill, It really encompasses that vibe that you get and that smell that you hope to get from Flicks and Chill, something calming, relaxing, you can unwind. Something that smells good when you're watching a movie. So just each different candle has an element that pays homage to that. 

What are your favorite scents? 

I would say number one would be Flix and chill. Secondly, would be Low Key as the name suggests. It's a little bit, I guess you can use the word low key, or it's not as fragrant as the other scents but it's really sweet and earthy at the same time. It can just be in the background and have a good aroma going while you’re enjoying the day. 

Your candles have a modern and luxurious feel to them. How did you create that vibe? 

All of the wicks are wooden wicks. I wanted the brand to focus on remaining masculine, in terms of just the jars being really dark and aesthetically pleasing. Whether it's full or if it's empty it's still able to remain in a room as a placeholder and just look aesthetically pleasing as well. Everything that goes into the creation process appeals to that and we hope to continue that whether we figure out different innovations in the future, just to keep improving on that. 

Welcome to FLOURYSH Kherwin!