Brand Spotlight: Bright & Sent

This week we get to meet one of the inspiring creators of a candle brand focusing their energy on helping bring love and light into the spaces of those who need it most. With me today is Sydney from Bright & Sent. 

What I love about your candle company is that it's just different. It's distinct because it's mission based. Can you share the inspiration behind creating these beautiful candles and tying it to a mission of donating and giving?

Yeah. Yes, I just graduated college about a year ago. And so I was at a point where I wanted to help, I wanted to give, but I didn't have a job then. I didn't really have the resources to pour into the causes that move my heart. I've always kind of had this entrepreneurial spirit, but never in terms of giving. So, I began to think through the idea of what if I could create a product where all or a portion or whatever I can give is donated to the organizations that matter to me, to those that I know and am connected to.

That's kind of how this idea of bright and scent happened and the idea of a candle being a way that we could do it. I love candles. I've always loved candles. So, that was the idea of creating it and in this idea, the phrase Bright and Sent came. Typically, people will think “scent” as in the smell, but we made it a play on words of having that light in your home, burning it bright, but not just where you're at, but sending that light where it's needed most. So, it's kind of this really cool thing that has blossomed into this company that we now have had since April of 2021. So that's the inspiration behind it. 

We donate to four organizations that serve the homeless, that serve the less privileged, those trying to escape the sex trafficking industry and just those who just need it. While I may not be able to physically go and do those things where I'm at in life right now, creating this company has allowed me and everyone who's bought a candle to kind of partner and do what they can right from their home, right from where they're at. And it's just been awesome. 

And this goes well beyond creating wealth just for yourself, right? You wanted to create something for the purpose of giving. And I think consumers, especially now, love to buy into those brands. So tell us about the product, these candles, what are some of the scents that you have?

So, we wanted to be very intentional with every step. Me and my partner just poured our resources in and tried to do a ton of testing. I know most candle makers know it's a ton of testing that's involved in order to make a quality product. One of the things that we wanted to do was create a candle that was as environmentally conscious as we could. And that's really what we're pushing toward. There are some things that we're still having to compromise on, but wanting a candle that is good, that lasts long, that actually smells when you light it, and you don't have to wait 10, 15 minutes to actually smell something. That's where we got the idea to use soy wax. I think it's just an awesome solution because it's natural. It lasts so much longer than your typical store bought candle that might last 24 hours if you continuously burn it. Our candles last anywhere from 25 to 60 hours. Having that soy wax blend with the fragrance really creates a wonderful experience. Like it's beautiful. It's amazing. It smells awesome. 

We've got scents ranging from eucalyptus and cedarwood, which is more of like a musky set with a little stronger smell to floral and sandalwood. We also have citrus and amber. My favorite, white tea lemon is one that we had but we're phasing out of that one. We also have spring scents, we have peach, we have cotton, so all these types of really nice clean scents; fruity scents, floral scents, whatever you are looking for.

We really wanted to create a product range that had whatever anyone was looking for, for their home, their kitchen, their bedrooms. So yeah, so that's kind of a synopsis of our products. We also sell merch as well which is available on our site. So we just try to create great products that people will love.

And a variety of scents, which I love because people have different tastes, especially for their home fragrance. And, you know, that leads me to my last question around what do you want people to really feel when they open up their box and they get these beautiful vessels and they light the candle? 

I think so often we can get caught up in our day to day and we don't necessarily think about others as often. There are things that are stressful in life. Work can be stressful. Your home life could be stressful, familial relationships, whatever the case may be. But I think this allows us to take a step back. When you buy a candle, when you donate to anyone, any organization its about really taking a step back and realizing that there are those who are being sex trafficked. And that's a gruesome thing to think about sometimes. But you know, there's someone on the street who's homeless. While I'm sitting in my apartment in the AC there's someone who is struggling to get a drink of water. And so, I think partnering with an organization like us, buying a candle contributing to something that's bigger than yourself, I think just allows you to take a step back and feel that emotion of, “wow, like the world is so much bigger than just me. There are people who are going through things. More than I ever will.” 

So, that goes back to the name of having that light that is in you being sent to the areas where you might not be able to reach yourself. You can go to our website and look at all the missions, go to their websites and read the testimonies of people who have gotten out, who have been able to get sustainable jobs and work and just know that you're giving to those organizations.

Sydney, we are really grateful to have you and your vision on Flourysh. There's a bright light coming from you and your brand, and I know that this is just the beginning because of your heart and the intention. It's going to be blessed. Okay, so remember I said that this is just the beginning and we're just happy to be along for the ride.