Brand Spotlight: Beard Daddy

This week FLOURYSH had the pleasure of spending 5 minutes with Derryck Anderson, the founder of Beard Daddy, to learn more about what makes his products some of the best for the bearded crew.

There are so many things about your beard oils that are fascinating to me. And I'm going to start with this aroma therapy. That’s so appealing to me that that's like, in addition to all the natural ingredients. So tell us about that.

The purpose behind the aroma therapy is to kind of help with issues that men go through that aren't really touched on a lot. Like depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and so on. So, these fragrances were created to boost self-esteem and to help fight anxiety. Also, they smell great. Just a few benefits of it. So, they were created to boost the mind of the people wearing the scent.

And that's just so brilliant because it's the beard, it's right by the nose. So why not try to include those benefits and on top of that, having all natural organic ingredients. It's also part of what I think sets you apart. So, tell us what makes up your beard oils?

It is a mixture of Jojoba oil and olive oil, etc. We actually use more oils than most. A lot of oils do the same thing, but some oils do things that the others don't. We have about 12 oils in ours, it's the actual ratios that make the difference. It's not greasy, it’s lightweight, easily absorbs and it's very moisturizing to the beard. A lot of companies use one or two. But we want to maximize the benefit of the actual oil. So I put a lot of research into what each oil does and how it benefits the beard and the skin underneath.

And like most entrepreneurs, your story is about having a need for yourself and seeing this void in the market and then going out and creating your product. Can you share a little bit the backstory behind what led you to creating Beard Daddy?

It definitely was a need that I had. I was using a beard product that wasn't mainstream when I started using it. He later went mainstream and kind of started using what we consider fillers, a lot of alcohol-based, cream-based products that started to dry my beard and my skin out. So, it left me wondering what happened. What's in this now? So that started the research on what's hurting my beard and skin and then that made me research what could actually help it. I started just playing with ingredients, creating my own products about four years ago is where I started.

You're the perfect commercial for your own product. I'm sure people stop you and ask you all the time, how do you get the growth and keep it so full in lush?

I do get that. And that's what encouraged me to actually start selling the products that I started making a few years ago. People would always ask me, well, what do you use? And I will say that I make my own stuff. So they would ask, “Can I buy some? Can you make me some?” That's how we got started.

Well, we are so happy to have you here on FLOURYSH. I can't wait for more men to see themselves in the products. I know that beer daddy was made with them in mind. And I just love that. So welcome to FLOURYSH officially. We're so glad to have you.

Thank you. Thank you so much.