Brand Spotlight: Blacc Bottle

This week we get to learn the inspiring story behind a brand that’s simultaneously keeping us hydrated while encouraging us to live the life we’ve always wanted. With me today is Ralph White, one of the co-founder of Blacc Bottle.

The water bottles are one thing, but the mission behind a company is really powerful. So I want to start there. What is the mission behind Black Bottle? 

For us, we're trying to keep it really simple. I’ll start with just the name within itself. So Blacc stands for ‘Bonafide love advancing cultural change’. For us the word in itself is super powerful, but the meaning behind it is even more so. Our mission is to spread love, unity, and positivity through messaging. So, on the bottle, the Blacc piece is right here again, the ‘Bonafide love advancing cultural change’. In terms of like the messaging part underneath it says, “Greatness lies within”. Now on the back you also have your words of affirmation. Like “it just starts”, “find yourself, surprise yourself”, “rise above all lies”. Just to inspire and motivate people as well.

But from a branding perspective, from a mission base, we are all about promoting that message of love, unity, and positivity. And on the back end too. The team is three of us, Necas Collins, Delano Bennett, and myself, Ralph. We're really big on also promoting financial literacy within our community. So making sure that some of the proceeds that we get of every $500 that we sell, we have a financial and mentorship program for young students, so we also do that as well.

I love the class behind it and like the coolness of it. But the mission is also so important. Tell me why you guys decided water bottles was where you wanted to place your business energy towards?

We started with the financial literacy on YouTube. So, we didn't exactly have a path to go right off the bat. We had some ideas, but we didn't have something concrete and solid. So over time, as we continued to do the YouTube videos and such, we decided to move on to the next level. The next level ended up being a water bottle because for us, as humans, obviously you need water. I need water. We drink it every day, right? So, what better vehicle to use something that you're not going to just take and throw in a closet and not see for six months or a year.

The water bottle industry is huge. This just happens to be something that people are going to buy and people are going to use constantly and you're going to look at it all the time. When I have my bottles sitting here on my desk it is that constant reminder. And its cool to also create something that is functional. So it keeps liquids 24 hours cold and 12 hours hot. On top of that, it's very sleek. You can bring it in any environment, work, gym, doesn't matter. 

I want to land on what makes the actual bottle special. I know there's things about it, how do you manufacture it that makes it different from the rest?

The bottle itself is premium. So, by premium, I mean being able to keep things hot and cold for long periods of time. We wanted to have something that was of quality. Because for us, especially as black people, we don't want to put anything out there that's not grade A. We want everything that has to do with our brand and our company to be top of the line. So that's one thing, but those things are also common with all the other major water bottle companies as well. So for us, we separate ourselves through branding and messaging. So again, on the bottle itself, you're going see those words of affirmation.

All the products that we have going forward are going to have all those words of positivity. If you check us out online through our website, Instagram, Facebook, everything that has to do with the Blacc Bottle brand is about promoting that. You earn that unity message, that positivity message, because we truly believe that if you see positivity enough over time, it does have a mind shift. Our goal and our mission is to break through all that negativity by constantly promoting messages of positivity, bringing people together and then just continuing to grow.

It is such a genius concept, and we just are so glad you're here. And I want to officially welcome you and your team to Flourysh.