Brand Spotlight: Flat Out Of Heels

Brand Spotlight: Flat Out Of Heels

Welcome to the FLOURYSH 5 - where we introduce shoppers to new and blooming black-owned brands! Today we interviewed the President of Flat Out of Heels, Danielle Shortt.

Flat Out of Heels is not only a women's footwear solution to sore and aching feet caused by wearing uncomfortable shoes. There's more. Flat Out Of Heels rollable flats feature high-quality man-made leather and machine washable fabrics that will not peel or crack. The soles are thick and durable with no-slip, no skid bottoms. We use elastic on the heel for a better fit as well as upgraded materials such as memory foam to relieve any pressure and create a comfortable walking experience. Not to mention, you'll find a variety of styles and extended sizes to ensure a perfect pair for all. See, we've created comfortable, portable and durable rollable flats that go with you wherever life may take you and that grow with you through each phase of your life.

We spent five good minutes with Danielle, who shared her vision for Flat Out Of Heels and female empowerment.

Enter the #FLO:

I want to start with the backstory with the founder because it's really a story we can all relate to. At one point in our lives, we've been her. 

Dawn is our founder and she started the brand over 10 years ago now because she was tired of seeing women walk around barefoot. So imagine ladies were out at a nightclub, restaurant, concert and your feet are throbbing. The only thing you want to do is literally take off your heels. So she invented Flat Out to bring comfort to women on the go. So the concept started as an idea to have Flat Outs in a vending machine. And so that really was a concept. So we started a vending machine business and we had a vending machine in club LIV in Miami and then also the Atlanta airport. We moved to an e-commerce business. 

Talk a little bit about that transition. You can get them out and about and you're also selling them directly to us. 

The great thing about being able to shift to an e-commerce platform is now we can bring comfort to women everywhere. No matter where you are, you can get Flat Out delivered right to your door. As we continue to build on the concept of having these vending machines in these very high traffic areas across the country e-commerce has been great because we have been able to reach more women. 

This is a good time to segue into the actual product, to the shoes, do you have any flats with you now? Walk me through what makes these flats so special. 

First of all, they're super cute. All of our flats come folded up into a box. So they come folded up nice and compact in the box. And then every single pair of Flat Outs comes with a reusable bag, which is amazing because the thought is when we go to kick our heels off, we now have a place to put our heels in. And then you put your Flat Outs on and keep it moving. Every pair comes 

with a bag. We have several different colors as well as styles. Every pair has this super cute red bottom with this durable fold, memory foam inside and machine washable. 

It's the details that I love. What were some of the conversations around coming on board with FLOURYSH? Why did you want to join our platform? 

Something new, it's something for us. We're able to be one of the first brands that's on a phenomenal platform. That's why I love the name FLOURYSH because it really will allow us to grow and scale with you. So the great thing about it is I think from a brand position, you always have to think about how you put yourself where maybe other people don't know about you yet, or even just collaboration. I think about the group that we're already in now and how many people are in there just chatting. So it becomes this platform where we're not only just selling

products, but it becomes this community. And so that's what I think we're most excited about is just being involved in something that's new. 

That's awesome. Well, we thank you for your time. 

Thanks so much. Yes. Thank you for having me.