Brand Spotlight: Galette Skin

For Galette Skin, it’s personal. The Founder, Norka Galette, went through bottles of brand name skin care products before she decided to make her own line and do it better and make it more accessible. Here’s 5 minutes with FLOURYSH + Galette. 

Welcome! Tell us all about Galette Skin. 

Galette Skin was created to hydrate, smooth, and even with maximum results for the most delicate skin. It is full of clean ingredients. We are sustainable, free of parabens and sulfates. Our sophisticated formulas are meant to indulge and nourish all types of skin. 

Your journey was birthed out of you being frustrated as a consumer. You’ve tried a lot of products before deciding to create your own. Tell us about that. 

So I have a skin condition called polymorphous PMLE. I cannot be out in the sun for too long ot my skin will begin to peel. I have extremely sensitive skin. So most things with harsh chemicals peel me as well. And things that were working for me were $180 for one bottle for maybe two ounces. So I was switching products, trying to find a routine that would work for me daily and be affordable because I run out of those two ounces pretty quickly to go and buy every single month. So that's when I started researching more into natural ways to do it. I am a healthcare provider, I'm a nurse, so I took in clean ingredients and just made it. 

I love how you’ve given women like me access to quality skincare. And the packaging! It’s luxurious. Where do you suggest people begin their skin journey with you? 

I would definitely do the serum and the moisturizer because after you cleanse what's most important? It’s healthy skin and these put everything back into your skin that you need in order to create a radiating glow for the rest of the day. 

You are an advocate for women at all stages of their lives taking care of their skin. 

I think it's very important for us to focus on self care because we can't fill an empty cup. And one of the major things for me is because of my insecurities with my skin conditions, I always felt like I had to pile on some makeup. And if it was caked on by midday, I just lost all confidence. And I couldn't keep up with a skincare routine because most of them required it like six to seven steps.I don't have that time with my daughter running around. So everything (with Galette) that is essential to the skin is created in four simple steps. 

What do you want women to feel when they open up the package and they try on the products? 

I want them to feel empowered. I am all about sophistication, elegance, confidence. And it's authentic. It's the same type of vibe that I would want to feel if I purchased from a brand I put my

heart and soul into. So I want women to feel as though they are purchasing from someone that truly cares about their skin.