Brand Spotlight: In Good Conscience

Welcome to the FLOURYSH 5 - where we introduce shoppers to new and blooming black-owned brands! Today we interviewed the founder of the personal care brand, In Good Conscience, Jerome Clark


Enter The #FLO:

Letisha: I'm so glad you have your products there. We'll dive into those in a second, but I wanted to start with the purpose of your brand. You're so forthcoming with that. I love your purpose statement. So tell us why your company exists. 

Jerome: So you hit it right on the nail. We're a purpose-driven brand of bath and body wash. And our mission or our purpose is to really address social inequity through the everyday personal care routines of conscious consumers. And we do that from a business perspective, by partnering with Black and minority owned businesses that help us to bring our product to market. And on the back-end, a portion of the proceeds from the sales we contribute to nonprofit community organizations who are also doing work in communities of color to also address socioeconomic needs for underserved communities. 

Letisha: It's really incredible. And you're doing all this through, for now, you're starting with extraordinary body wash. And as I say extraordinary, I really mean that. When I look at the care and the thoughtfulness you put into how you want this product to live that's what I see. So show us your favorite aroma beside you there and tell us about your body wash! 

Jerome: I think it's very hard to pick a favorite, but if I had to choose, I would probably say the Mandarin Rose is probably my favorite fragrance or scent within the product line. We have three different scents. We have Mandarin Rose, we have a Rosemary Bergamot and Peppermint Sage. All of them offer different sensorial experiences. But again, the Mandarin Rose invigorates me in the morning. It's a great body wash fragrance to start your day. And each of our formulas, just to give you a little bit of background, are highly natural and clean. They offer 94% natural ingredients or natural derived ingredients. All of our fragrances are 100% natural and they feature this really cool ingredient called Babassu oil, which acts as a gentle natural cleanser, but it also leaves the skin feeling hydrated and not stripping your skin of its natural moisture. 

Letisha: What I also love about your products is that you are very transparent about your sourcing and sustainability. Can you share how you are trying to be a sustainable company and why you're being strategic with your sourcing? 

Jerome: So our sourcing comes into play when thinking about certain ingredients that we source, like our Babassu oil, it's sustainably sourced from the Dominican Republic. And it really allows us to really be conscious of how we're using ingredients or selecting ingredients to bring that sensorial experience to life. Not only in terms of our sourcing, all of our packaging is sourced out of the U.S and again, as we mentioned earlier, from our value chain, we are 

working with a lot of diverse minority suppliers that help us to bring our products to market. 

Letisha: You really do live up to your name and we look forward to what else comes from your brand and welcome to FLOURYSH. 

Jerome: Thank you so much for having me. I look forward to joining such a rich, diverse community of founders and brands and looking forward to growing.

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