Brand Spotlight: RVL Wellness Co.

Welcome to Flourysh5 where we get to know the story behind some amazing black owned brands. Today we get to learn the story behind how decorative puzzles became the gateway to healing mental struggles.  To tell this story is Brittny, the founder of RVL Wellness Co. 

Your product is so fresh. It's so creative and it serves so many purposes. So, let's just talk about why jigsaw puzzles? There are so many things in the wellness space, but you chose puzzles to give us. To have an elevated wellness experience. Tell us the story behind why. 

Yes. So basically in 2020 I decided to change careers and I was offered an opportunity to work in the tech space. I didn't realize what I was getting myself into. It was a very volatile work environment. Super stressful, nonstop. And I found myself just being super consumed with work and with just surviving. On top of that, the pandemic had just started, and I had been working from home at the very start of it. With the new job I had to move to a new state and then the pandemic, so I was not doing well. Throughout my time at that job, I eventually was able to kind of figure things out and I was able to pull myself out of, you know, a really dark place that I was in, but I was still struggling with just getting back to myself and really finding ways to find joy.

 So, I started researching, what are people doing now that we have this pandemic? What are they doing to just have things to do since we're all stuck at home. And jigsaw puzzles popped up on the list. When I saw jigsaw puzzles, I instantly was taken back to my childhood where I used to do puzzles with my grandmother.  This is something that she still does to this day. It's literally the first thing I think of when I think of my grandma. She even has her whole puzzle room in her house where she will do puzzles and hang them up. So, it's very much a part of my family. But I hadn't done them since I was a kid.

When I was searching for them, I was having a really hard time finding puzzles that inspired me or had imagery that looked like me or anything that I could relate to. On top of that, I was having a hard time finding imagery that I would want to hang up when I was done, because that was also something that my grandmother taught me. She showed me how to glue the puzzles down, frame them and then hang them up as artwork. So, that was something that just never left me.That's all what sparked the idea of creating my own line of puzzles.

When I was struggling with breaking away from work, being able to clock out and leave work at work, going to do a puzzle was super helpful in helping me to relax, helping me to de-stress, detach and just focus on this one thing. So when I created my business, my main mission was to be able to offer more accessible piece counts. It's really an entry way to get people to just try something new and see what it has to offer.

I appreciate you thinking about something that's smaller, more accessible. What's so special about you is the designs, the art behind it. They’re so beautiful. 

Thank you so much. So, I work with all black female artists. I really wanted to create something that was for us by us. I feel like as black women, our experience in this world is different than anyone else's. I was really intentional about picking artwork that I felt spoke to our experience and that would help uplift us or just make us feel seen in some sort of way. So we have a 48 piece Brunch Puzzle by an artist named Amina Dancer. We have puzzles by an artist named Danin Cheeseman. She actually created a collection specifically for RVL Wellness Co. I just love them because I feel like each one speaks to me in a different part of my life. Finally, we have the safari puzzle. This is by an artist named Thai Giles. This is the largest peace count, 300 pieces. So they all work really well, depending on your lifestyle. 

Well, listen, we are so glad that you are now on Flourysh and that more people have access to this elevated wellness experience.