Brand Spotlight: Skin Champagne

This week get to know the woman behind this glitz and glam skincare brand making affordable and luxurious products that are not only gorgeous but 100% toxin free! Meet Honey Pierre, founder of Skin Champagne.

I love how fun this luxury skin and body care brand is. You really infuse a lot of fun and celebration into your brand. What's the story behind that?

You know what? That's just my personality. I just incorporated my personality into the brand. I think a lot of times when you go into let's say luxury, it's very stoic and I believe luxury can be fun too. We like nice things. Think about when you go shopping with your girlfriends, right? So, you go to Chanel and then when you go in, you're having fun. Think of the movie Clueless. We all remember Clueless and how they're shopping with their bags and it's fun. So that's kind of what I wanted to incorporate in the brand. 

And tell us about some of your favorite products. You have a nice range from oils and lotions and everything else, but tell me, what do you personally love to use daily?

Daily, it would be the body liquor, the body oil, and the body cream. I'm more of a cream girl. I have more oily combination skin, so I need water. And then I also love the sublime glow, which is the shimmer body oil. That's kind of the thing that makes my brand stand out.

Let's talk about that. Tell us how you created that product?

On accident. always an accident. It was always an accident. I wanted to create like a body glow because it's standard in this industry. Everyone has a body glow, but I wanted to make it different, so I was like “okay, how do we make it different?” Everyone has a pump bottle. So, the pump bottles really aren't that unique. And then I came across my perfume bottle. I thought, “that's different.” It's very beautiful. It's glowy. The bottle is beautiful, and I just paired it together and it works.

What is the story behind starting this business? I know as an entrepreneur that it's not easy starting any business, but you're getting into a popular field or industry of skincare and body care. Tell us about like the inspiration to even get into this and start your own business. 

That happened in, around 2012 was when I was bitten by that bug. I was like 30 at the time and I had acne and I was wondering “why do I still have acne and I'm 30?” So, that really kind of made me say, “okay, clearly what I'm using is not right.” So that sparked me wanting to get into skincare. And then it just kind of grew from there. I ended up going to aesthetician school because I really wanted to learn about skin, so I'm an aesthetician now. And then the school that I went to, really focused on formulating. So that's how I got my formulating background, and then I just launched Skin Champagne. 

Wonderful. And what do you want people to feel when they open your packaging? How do you want people to feel when they open up their bottles or they get their package, and they start putting on your beautiful skincare? 

Like they're worth it. Pretty much. Like you're worth nice stuff. You know, it doesn't have to be so far out of reach. I can buy a $20 cream but it doesn't look like a $100 dollar cream. So, I wanted to really incorporate that luxury feel into someone who may be struggling. Sometimes you do want to treat yourself. 

Yeah. There's something about having that set up, either if it's in your shower or on your counter. You're right, it elevates the mood. It makes you feel special, like you're really taking care of yourself. So, I appreciate that and I know it's really easy to feel that way around your products because they are so intentionally fun and have that luxury feel. 

I love how on your side it says, “Are you a commitment phobe?, Try this.” You give people a chance and welcome people to try your products at a smaller size first. I think that's brilliant. Tell me your thoughts behind that. 

I call it the mini bar. So, it was really for my experience of trying to figure out my skin before I became an aesthetician. I purchased all of these products that didn't work. I would invest in a $60 face wash. But what if that $60 face wash doesn't actually work? Right. So that's where I got into the whole trim sizes and sample sizes because everyone likes samples before they purchase.

I love that way of thinking. It shows a lot of confidence. Thank you for thinking of the consumer first. We appreciate you and I want to formally welcome you to Flourysh. We are so glad to have skin champagne on board.