Brand Spotlight: Strands of Faith

This week we're learning how to embrace our natural beauty and unlocking the secrets to growing healthy & luxuriously natural hair with the founder and spokesperson for Strands of Faith, Ameka Coleman. 

You took a leap of faith into starting your product in your line. Can you give us some background on what got you to the point of wanting to start your own hair care? 

Yes, absolutely. So, I am very passionate about the natural hair community as far as embracing your beauty, your hair, your texture, and all that good stuff. That’s kind of where the passion started. I always like to say “Passion, me and purpose”. That's kind of like how I got to the point I am now. I wanted to create and formulate clean products that had good ingredients and didn't have all the nasty stuff in the filters, the parabens and all that stuff that has been known to be linked to cancer and things like that.

I wanted to create a clean beauty brand, focus on texture, hair products that was going to moisturize your strands, promote moisture length, retention, all that good stuff. That's the gist of the brand and who we are. 

Talk about your hair because you are a walking advertisement for your products. So I imagine you've been using your own products and probably experimented way before this even existed. Is that how you have this beautiful main of thick, gorgeous hair?

Yes. It’s so funny because I always tell all of my customers that I started with the formulas on my hair first. Right. So, I wanted to create the best for me so that whenever you're using the products, you know you're getting the best as well. And so, I create the products in mind to moisturize my hair. That's how I'm able to maintain my length. Because with my kinky textured hair, like on average, hair grows about a half inch, but I don't get the average. I actually get less than the average. And so, for me, length retention is super important in order to see the growth and to retain the length.

So yeah, I'm a very big proponent of creating products that work for me first and then putting it out into the marketplace. This has been a huge help in helping me to maintain my stress. 

Let's talk about your favorite products or you know, your favorite or consumer's favorite. What has been really popular on your line right now? 

So, two main products come to mind. Number one being our Miracle 3-in-1 Clay Wash. Of course, I'm a bit biased. I did formulate this. It's awesome. It's amazing. It cleanses. Detangles your strands. It has three clays in it. Moroccan clay, also Raw Clay and Kyle Clay. And it just detoxes the strands. Some people may have hard water and showers or may experience it at hotels. So, it kind of refreshes the strands to get you back to the baseline of healthy hair.

And it's an all-in-one cleanser. So, I don't really shampoo my hair as much. Like with regular shampoo, I use this in a co wash. But that’s why this is one of the favorites for me and customers. And then the second product is the Twisting Butter. It's a water-based butter, but it's filled with moisturizing ingredients like the baobab, babbasu, and kukui oils, which are really good at moisturizing your strands. So those are, I would say, the top two products that's hot right now. 

My final question is, who do you have in mind when you have created these products? Who are you thinking about? I want the ideal customer to say, “You know what? This is for me”.

So, we say multicultural texture, hair tight, specifically. Like, if you have dry hair or if your hair is needing a little oomph to get it back into shape, then these products are for you. We have a heavy, heavy focus on moisture, moisture, moisture, moisture because that's going to keep your hair in the optimal condition for growth and retention. If you have textured hair; curly, coily, wavy, or any type of texture to it and you need moisture then these products are hands down for you. 

I love the confidence and I love your story and I just think that we need more products that represent curly, textured hair and so we are more than happy to have you on Flourish.

Welcome to Flourish. And to you too, Mason. Welcome.