Brand Spotlight: The Perfect Assistant

THE PERFECT ASSISTANT is every woman’s companion. The Laurianda Clothing Company designs women’s garments with a corset-style, built-in waist shaper that will cinch your waist with elegance and style. Here’s our conversation with the mastermind behind THE PERFECT ASSISTANT, Laurianda Elements. 


Hi Laurianda! Tell us the backstory behind developing your unique shapewear. It’s really a garment and shapewear in one! 

My background includes pattern making and producing custom garments for women and I would often hear concerns and feedback from clients such as “I hate when my waistband wrinkles and rolls down by the end of the day” or I'll hear “can you fit it so that the skirt fits my waist and my hips” or “It's hard to find anything that fits my body type.” After hearing their feedback I noticed that they also wore some type of shapewear and I would have to inform them to wear the shapewear that they're going to wear under the garment that I'm making for them so that it can fit properly. With the fashion industry being as competitive as it is, I really had to come up with an idea to where I can stand out in the market. It's really oversaturated. So I just wanted to do something to put myself out there and I came up with it. The name of the skirts comes from the history of women using corsets as part of their daily dress routine. 

And just to show you really quickly…this is one of the skirts that I offer. As you can see, you can't really tell that it has any shapewear in there. So it's just like a regular skirt but when you unzip it and open it, there's this corset style shapewear in there. There’s steel boning in it. So there's channels of steel boning all around it, but again, it's very discreet and it provides a really firm hold, but a firm comfortable hold. 

We are women on the go, we are moms, we're working and taking care of our families. So who has the time for a maid to lace you in every morning. So hence the name, THE PERFECT ASSISTANT because the assistant is already built into the skirt. 

Right now you're creating all kinds of beautiful skirts. What’s next for you? 

We are gonna scale to sweatpants, like workout pants, so that when you're working out, just like when you have your waist trainer on working out, we're gonna scale to the point where we can build it into your workflow. So you'll have a nice firm cinch while you're working out. 

But I do wanna mention something really important to me. The skirt has a powerful shapewear but I wanna make known that it is made in the USA by women that are trained how to sew. So my passion behind all this is to really start training women who want to get into the creative field. My history also includes teaching sewing classes. So I just wanna go ahead and just do my part in the community and have these skirts made by women that have been trained in this skill and continue their skill development.

THE PERFECT ASSISTANT claims to bring in at least one inch of your waist. How do you make sure that happens for everyone? 

With the steel boning and the corset style. It's made from the same materials that are used in regular corsets. So as you zip it up, it's going to shape the waist and it's going to smooth everything. So just like your traditional shapewear that you have to put on, the stretchy kind, our skirt doesn't stretch so it's gonna last longer. It doesn't lose its shape over time. I think maybe after eight washes the traditional shapewear loses its shape, but with the steel boning it's sure to last and provide that smooth shaping. 

You’ve been so thoughtful in your design decisions. How do you want women to feel when they slip on your skirts? 

I definitely want them to feel feminine. That was my main reason for making the skirts girly and using different prints and at different lengths. So you can get them in mini or even maxi. So I definitely want a woman to feel feminine and I want her to feel confident when she has that skirt on. I want us to just enjoy the quality of the skirt and also the functionality of the skirt and their pockets built in. 

Who doesn’t love a skirt with pockets?! Thank you Laurianda and welcome to FLOURYSH! 

Thank you. I appreciate you so much.