Brand Spotlight: Yoro

A pair of energy drinks that carry you through mundane everyday routines with the use of all natural ingredients that are both caffeine and sugar free is what this Black owned brand is bringing you with Yoro. To tell us more about it, we have Robert Haynes, founder of Yoro.  

You got me right away. Okay. This tagline, “We are changing the way Americans get through the day by giving them the power to adapt to the ebbs and flows of everyday life.” Tell me, how does your beverage help people do just that?

Absolutely. So, we designed Yoro as an extension and Cadera Brands is the parent company. We wanted to create an all-day solution, meeting you at the three most important parts of the day with surge, with energy. So, it gives you that jolt of energy without crash, which is that midday boost and provides clarity with cognitive function and adrenal support. And we're working on the sleep aid, which is going to be released later this year. 

Wonderful. So. it's essentially an energy drink?

It's an extension. So, we aid in energy with Surge more intentionally with the Panax Ginseng and Guarana but using adaptogens and tropics to meet you at need states. So, aiding energy and creating energy through the use of adaptogens. Yes. 

Okay. You're going to have to give me the layman's term, beginner language version. 

Yes, so you have Surge right here. Surge has energy creating adaptogens Panax Ginseng and Guarana so they aid in energy. That gives you 85 milligrams of natural caffeine. And then we have Surf which has Rhodiola root extract and B12 that aids in providing more cognitive function. So, you have from two to five, you have a window of so many decisions that you can make cognitively. And by making decisions, you drain your adrenals, your B vitamins. What we're doing is helping replace those B vitamins and adrenals, and kind of helping you to stay in that pocket to provide clarity.

Yes. Well, tell me about your background. You bring a lot of science and understanding of the body to the beverage industry. Where did you get that experience from? 

We take a science approach to everything that we do. So we are qualitative, quantitative and research focused. A lot of that comes from my chief development officer, Dr. Michael Olaiya who was a wellness director with Walmart, a USD fellow as well, and a pharmacist. And so, we sit down and we go to what's the need of the end user? And how do we create that and proliferate that offering and speak to that?

Wonderful. Yes. It’s so clear when you talk about your product, you're coming from that background. Tell us about your customers. What's some of the feedback, are you getting real results from people who are buying this and feeling like they really are getting that boost of energy? 

Absolutely. So, my background is in hospitality and wine making and food and beverage. And so, many hospitality workers, they consume a number of energy drinks to stay in that eight to nine, maybe even 10-hour window of time to stay at their best and peak performance and using adaptations to create an offering that keeps them at the optimal levels. I've seen it time and time again. A number of restaurant workers, whether it’s back of the house line cooks, chefs or front of the house. As well as people day to day that have long amounts of stressful hours working that keeps them in their best day possible.

And that actually brings me to my next question. I feel like so many of us, we rely on coffee to do what you're saying. Why should I be the wave and maybe replace a coffee with one of your drinks?

So, coffee, what it does is speaks to caffeine so it dehydrates you, it pulls from you, it pulls from you constantly to where you dehydrate yourself. And what Bulletproof did was add MCT oil to coffee. You need the cognitive function to support the caffeine and your body can only consume up to so many amounts of caffeine per day. So, you kind of have what ends up being a placebo effect, which I found working with the winery in 2016, where this came together. We would drink two or three pots of coffee, but we were realizing we didn't really do anything. It was more of a placebo effect. 

That is so true. I would often ask myself, like, is it the habit of me going to get this that’s waking me up or is the actual coffee? Because after a while I was like, is this even working? It tastes all right, but is it working? So that's why you're saying your drink has sustained itself, you know, for long hours. And like every day, right? Like it won't lose its impact over time is what you’re saying?

Yes, also most people get tired of the coffee taste. More often than not, you can only consume so much of an amount of coffee for it to be desirable. It's just like the law of diminishing returns. If you like ice cream, we can only have so many cups of ice cream before you just get tired of it all together. 

Well, okay. I have last question is about the taste because you brought up taste. With only one gram of sugar, how do you manage to get your drink to taste good? 

It's pallet first. Coming from a beverage background and working with a number of companies in the alcohol space, working in wine, pallet is the first thing that comes to any beverage. And if the pallet is not good and I can't justify it for you to try it and like it, enjoy it, then there's no reason to make it. And so, the pallet has to come first and we use the focus group to really hone in on it, on the pallet. Ensure desirability and using consumer insights to hone in on that market to ensure that they would like it as well.

Okay. So other people are drinking this and like it. There's proof that it tastes good on top of all the benefits. Well, we are just so glad to have you on FLOURYSH and to bring this science backed, research based energy drink to our platform. So, I want to officially welcome you to the family!

Thank you. I’m glad to be a part of it and extremely excited for what’s to come.