Color of the Year - Brown is the new Black

Color of the Year - Brown is the new Black

Brown is the new Black. Formerly associated with fried foods and UPS, regal tones of rich crisp soil have reemerged as something more than a heartbreaking stain on the bottom of your Pyer Moss Experiment 4s.

We, at FLOURYSH™ name, honor and acknowledge brown as 2022s [F]’n Color of the Year! Sleepy, Chris and James aren’t the only ones able to participate in the brown legacy. This is that non-beige; sunburned simplicity we’ve been waiting for. It’s cozy and familiar. Today is the moment to coat your melanin with a color of comfort that doesn’t cover you, but reinforces regality. This isn’t an ordinary autumn trend — it’s a real renaissance.

In 2006, PANTONE® awarded Sand Dollar the coveted Color of the Year. Nine years later, in 2015, they gave Marsala the title. Close, but no cigar. This isn’t the baby daddy brown Burberry at the baby shower that you’re used to. Everyday elegance just got a lot easier.

According to ITALIAN BARK, in the ancient world, brown was the color of poverty and low status. There are indications in literature that, in Ancient Rome, brown clothing was associated with the lower classes. Urban poor people who were called plebeians, wore brown clothing. In the Middle Ages brown clothes were worn by monks of the Franciscan order. Unobtrusive color was a sign of their humility and poverty. During that era each social class had to wear a color that represented their status. Grey and brown shades were the color of the poor. They had it all wrong!

Take a look for yourself — go to the festivals, walk the airports and crash the cookouts. Visit Houstatlantavegas and you will see more brown than Seymour Brown [Moving day in Jungle town lyricist]. Brown is a bolstering shade that connects back to nature and the simple things. A warm, earthy tone, it creates a feeling of stability, growth and potential; and provides a firm foundation for change and creativity in your home. Its relaxation energy emits a sensual sanctuary of calmness and comfort. Brown is sincere and honest. There’s a sense of agency and pride layering brown garments upon brown skin. The continuum of cocoa, chestnut, coffee create a cure for the cool season with a kind of cool that acts as an expressive badge of honor that boldly states: I’m Brown and I’m proud.