13 Black Owned Gifts for Moms

A little boy playing pretend super hero with Make Believe Majestic Blanket from Black owned brand, Little Muffincakes
Image created by Flourysh​​

Appreciation can be shown in many ways and a mother's love deserves to be shown appreciation in a way that she'll cheerish for longer than just a day. To help you shower the mother's in your life with love and admiration that will last for years to come, we've put together this list of 13 Black-Owned Products Perfect For Celebrating Moms This Mother's Day.

Gifts for Mom Chefs

1.The Mashona Print Aprons created by Black woman owned brand, Sunsum, to celebrate the Shona people of Zimbabwe and the beautiful prints of their clothing. Inspired by hand crafted textiles and patterns of Africa, these beautifully printed aprons will transport you to a kitchen filled with love and culture. Each of the Burlap Pocket Wax Print Aprons are handmade by Sibongile M Malgas Harmeling, a talented artisan born and raised in Zimbabwe and creator of the Mashona brand. 

2. The Spice of Ghana Life: Cookbook also created by Sunsum further transport your mom's kitchen back to the roots of cooking with this Ghanian cookbook with 50 recipes for traditional Ghanaian food utilizing unique pairings of spices and ingredients with substitutes listed for the Western kitchen.

Gifts for the Stylish Moms

3. Forget making a fashion statement. The PBW Mini Bag by Black owned accessory brand, CISE,  makes an impact. A piece for the brave and bold. True luxury made with vegan leather. This bag has no contenders. Provide a gift that will help your the mothers in your life look good, feel good and do good by supporting a brand inspiring others through empowering messaging showcased for the world to see.

4. If you like their mini bags, you'll love the full sized PBW Vegan Leather Tote Bag that can be transformed into a sleek cross body purse.

5. The accessory everyone loves to keep on hand making it a perfect gift for the moms in your life. The Amirah Necklace created by Black women owned brandLuxe Noir, is a reminder that you are a warrior and self love is an important journey! The Inspire Necklaces are great for positive reminders and showing love to that special someone.

6. No mater the occasion, the stylish jewelry pieces from Luxe Noir provide quality Jewelry for the dreamers, thinkers, & doers at an affordable price.

Gifts for Rest & Relaxation

7. Give the gift of soothing scents with this sleek Luxury Aroma Diffuser from Black woman owned brand, Julien Interiors. These make a great gift for moms looking for a bit of extra relaxation.

8. Partnered the aromatherapy diffuser with their amazing essential oil pairings presented in the Luxury Oil Dropper. These aesthetically pleasing diffusers can be kept anywhere in your home to add a perfect luxurious touch to your home and/or office decor. 

9. For the quick and easy gift set lovers, the Lotus Nut Gift Trio Bundle created by Black woman owned brand, Butter by Keba, makes a great gift for those that are not only into smelling good but feeling good as well. With their main ingredient being Shea butter, known to be an ultra skin softening moisturizer, their body butter melt right into the skin giving instant moisture. While the synergistic fragrance within the body oils captivate your senses. When the night comes, gently exfoliate with an all natural blend of Dead Sea Salts, Grapeseed and thier synergistic aromatic blend for a soothing and rest filled night.

10. For the moms in need of extra relaxation, Butter By Keba also offers their Lavender Cami Butter Gift Duo Bundle that intoxicates the senses leaving the body soothed and stress free.

For the Heart Felt Messages

Top off all of these amazing gift ideas with a heart felt card created by Black women owned greeting card companies, Announce Divinely & Kindred Paper, that leave you room to create a message uniquely for your mom.

11. Celebrate intentionally with inclusive hand-drawn greeting cards from Announce Divinely providing a great addition to the Black owned gifts for momThe My Mom Card reminds you that your mom is your rock. She's there through thick and thin and this card expresses that love, admiration, and acknowledgment.

12. The joy the Blossom Card emits is magical! The floral-themed card is perfect for celebrating women no matter the occasion. 

13. Let your mom know how cool you think she is with this special card created by Kindred Paper. Because she's not like the other moms if she understands this movie reference!

Celebrate your mom with these Black-Owned brands and their thoughtful creations providing the perfect Mother's Day gifts for the moms in your life! Check out even more creative Black owned Gifts for Mom.