14 Best Black-Owned Beauty Brands - Celebrate Black History Month

14 Best Black-Owned Beauty Brands - Celebrate Black History Month
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Black History Month is a wonderful time to support Black-Owned companies. All the products are featured on Flourysh, a community-driven marketplace designed to foster the discovery and growth of Black-Owned brands. The focus of today is everything beauty. The winter months can be brutal for our hair and skin, so you need some new ideas to combat dropping temperatures. These companies create high quality products that are nothing short of outstanding. That’s why this list compiles all the essentials to have you looking and feeling your best. Moisturizers, serums, and glosses are just some of the amazing things included that will keep you looking fabulous.

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103 Collection

Calling all the vegan and plant-based product lovers. 103 Collection provides everything from nourishing facial serums to shaving gel. Revitalize your senses and pack on the moisture with ingredients that are safe for your body and overall presence.  


You absolutely need to give your hair the royal treatment. Say goodbye to itchy scalps and breakage with these premium, allnatural products. Whether you are trying to grow the hair on top of your head or make sure that beard connects, these are the perfect solutions.    

Endless Esthetiques

Sometimes you need to take a self-care moment and spoil yourself. There’s no better time to light some incense, have a warm cup of tea, and indulge in an updated skincare routine. Treat yourself to these stellar glycolic gel pads and brighten your skin along the way.  

Foto Beauty Bar

What better month to show off those beautiful eyes than our month? Lashes are the perfect way to elevate your appearance and make a statement. Available in several styles (with the tools to make application a breeze) you’ll be stopping traffic in no time.  

Galette Skin

Keep the skin divine and your confidence level uplifted. Galette Skin creates the ideal products to empower your skin and assist with those bothersome skin irritations. As the saying goes, “when you look good you feel good,” and you will look great once you try these moisturizers. 

Glamatory Shop

When Glam is your middle name, you deserve this makeup in your life. Take advantage of their Lip Drips and Lip Potions to add that extra wow factor. Whether you’re going out for a night on the town, or plan on being picture ready at brunch, this shop has just what you need.


With their Lip Frosting being featured as an Allure Best of Beauty Award Winner, it’s easy to see why this brand remains absolutely captivating. Keep yourself moisturized and supremely soft with products such as the Sugar Scrub and the Frosting Hair + Body Butter.  


Our hair becomes our crown, and there is no other brand that celebrates us with lifestyle-amplifying products like KAZMALEJE. Keep your curl game up to date with these functional and genius designs. 


Your lips will thank you when you decide to nourish your skin with these delightful lip balms. Keep the TLC coming and apply wonderful options, like Soothing Coconut and Sweet Cherrylicious. These lip balms represent what the owners call the Big 3: soft, supple, and satisfying! 


The more body nourishing ingredients you can provide for your skin, the better. Keep everything about you cleansed, exfoliated, and moisturized with these outstanding products. Their Moisturizing Emollient Nourishing Agrarian Gift of Wellness Set will keep your hair looking continuously vibrant, and your skin will remain smooth to the touch.  

Nkeoma By Ivy & Livy

Your hair and skin need constant attention. And for good reason, this month reminds us how gorgeous we really are. What other business lets you request a custom, handmade wig, while ordering rejuvenating skin care at the same time? Nkeoma By Ivy & Livy will deliver hydration to your skin cells, while also providing premium quality hair.  

Skin Champagne

Wouldn’t you love to smell like a tropical paradise? Combine the body butter and organic cleansing bars to leave your skin imitating the aroma of pineapples, sweet coconuts, and sheer musk. Use these products to not only smell amazing, but also help with acne scars and wrinkles too. 

Black History Month is the perfect time to show your support for Black-Owned brands. These companies have all the beauty gems that will help you look your best for the rest of the year.