9 Black-Owned Brands Bringing All The Fun To The Kid's Party

A little boy playing pretend super hero with Make Believe Majestic Blanket from Black owned brand, Little Muffincakes
Image created by Little Muffincakes​​

Hosting a kids' party can be a fun and memorable experience, but finding unique and exciting decorations and gifts that represent our children can be a challenge. To help take the stress out of shopping, we've curated a list of products perfect for kiddos of any age. Here are 9 Black owned brands bridging the gap by creating party supplies and gifts your children are sure to love: 

For the Babies

1. Eizzy Baby's Inspire Bib is an uplifting and neat solution for your growing eater. Perfect for children 6 to 36 months old, this bib was created to provide inspirational teachings for  your child to always be reminded that they can be all that they've ever imagined. Start them out young with this silicone bib made from 100% waterproof, food-grade and stain-resistant silicone that deflects water or food and keeps your empowered eater clean and dry.

2. Little Muffincake's Majestic Blanket is a reminder of how the term "Black Girl Magic" captures the phenomenon of awesomeness that every black girl possesses. Whether in their smile, dance, or laugh, little black girls are made of sparkles and magic.  And they deserve products that illustrate and enforce these concepts. This blanket is perfect for the little dreamers! 

*available in a style for boys as well*

The brand also offers a little sunshine for your little one showing how she can go from puffs to an Afro without losing an ounce of cuteness. This super cute graphic was created to empower children of color to embrace their kinky/coily/curly hair. 

For the Readers

3. Looking for an engaging book to teach girls about computer science? Terysa Solves It has created the perfect book for your little learners. Based on a true story about a little girl who loves to solve problems, this Black owned children's book provides the inspiration and empowerment every little girl needs. In "think like a computer", eight-year-old terysa loves to solve problems. Give her some time and she'll figure out how to solve anything. By the end of the book, other curious little girls will be empowered to think like a computer and seek opportunities in the field of computer science.

Terysa Solves It creates empowering stories not only for the math and science lovers but for the courageous kids as well. In this story, two little brothers are afraid of the dark and want to sleep with the lights on all night. Their brave big brother comforts them and promises to protect them but first they have to repeat and recite his positive affirmations about bravery.

4. Looking for a book to help your little girl learn to love who they are inside and out? Hello Hair is the children's book that every black girl needs! Hello Hair features 100 different hairstyles ranging from afros, braids, to twists & locs. With the mission to celebrate the black hair experience by encouraging girls to learn, love, and build a relationship with their crown!

For the Tweens & Teens

5. For the future mathematicians, scientist, and tech giants. STEMulate Young Minds is a Black owned fashion brand increasing the visibility and awareness of STEM through fashion for kids! 

6. Have kids that enjoy unique collectibles? Magnetic Toys is a Black owned artistic brand with a mission to impact the world through the illustration of colorful stories. Inspired by life, influenced by youthful nature, and created with art and precision, Silent Ash Samurai is the first of its kind. This Samurai was designed by a team of warriors in their craft determined to not only be inspirational but to provide representation in the space as well.

For The Girly Girls

7. Beautiful Curly Me is providing a new experience with a true classic with baby dolls made specifically for children of color who are in need of a inspiration and representation. Created by 10 year old CEO and author who's inspiring confidence in black and brown girls through play with natural hair dolls, empowering books, puzzles and accessories. The best part about this brand is that for every doll purchased, one is given to a young girl in need!

For the Party Supplies

The party fun doesn't stop at the Black owned birthday gifts for kids, these amazing brands are providing gift bags and party supplies too!

8. Greentop Gifts is a gift wrap brand bringing diversity to all of your celebrations with gift wrap, apparel, and decor items perfect for any kid's birthday party.

9. Looking for party supplies created exclusively to celebrate children of color?! We're sure you'll find what you're looking for with this party supply brand, Anna + Pookie. As the only female Black owned brand dedicated to providing party supplies created for children of color, this brand has dedicated each and every product to helping our children celebrate themselves authentically. 

Take advantage of these Black-Owned brands and their thoughtful creations to provide the perfect party vibe for your child! Check out even more creative Black owned birthday gifts for kids.