Art of Passion Organic Tea Blend
Art of Passion Organic Tea Blend

Art of Passion Organic Tea Blend

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Radiate positive, loving vibrations by inciting the Art of Passion. Turn up self-care and self-love a notch with this powerful herbal blend, enticing you to activate your creativity, enhance your mood, and inspire you to reach your deep desires, lovingly embrace and deepen your love and relationship to yourself, the ones you love, and the world around you

  • A blend of natural ingredients to help you:

    • Open your heart to give and receive loving energy
    • Raise your vibrations
    • Transform your mood to feel loving, uplifted, supported, and optimistic
    • Cultivate a sense of creativity, passion, and love for yourself, and others


    ✨ Shatavari - Physical and emotional stress-reliever with a ton of benefits for the female reproductive system
    ✨ Cinnamon - Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, reduces PMS & cramps
    ✨ Damiana - Mood-lifting, Boost mental and physical stamina, known as an "aphrodisiac"
    ✨ St. John's Wort - Improves depressive moods, treats menopausal symptoms, anxiety and tiredness
    ✨ Lemon Balm - Promote calmness and ease stress
    ✨ Rose Petals - Uplifting, relaxing, calming, and high in Vitamin C

  • More Details:

    • Natural Herbal blend of Shatavari, Cinnamon, Damiana, St. John's Wort, Ashwaganda, Lemon Balm, and Rose Petals
    • Weight: 3 oz.
    • Usage: Place in any convenient location away from sources of inflammation. 
    • Usage: Steep 1 tbsp. per 8 oz.ofhot water for 2-3 minutes. Enjoy!
    • Storage: Store away from inflammable areas.