FLIX & CHILL Aroma Spray
FLIX & CHILL Aroma Spray
FLIX & CHILL Aroma Spray
FLIX & CHILL Aroma Spray

FLIX & CHILL Aroma Spray

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We can't seem to keep this one on the shelves!

Our best-selling alluring date night candle now is also an aroma spray. Masculine enough for him. Sweet enough for her. Infused with natural essential oils is the ideal seductive aroma for the both of you. Turn on the movie and unwind. We promise you the night won't end there 😉

4 Oz bottle contains approximately 450 sprays.



The top note of bergamot gives this aroma spray it's sweet and spicy edge while lemon peel promotes a fresh and therapeutic vibe. Below is a subtle aroma of cedar for a natural and earthy scent. The sweet savoring vanilla aroma of amber releases stress and increases libido when diffused, for a stimulating boost. Lastly, the undertone of vetiver and dark musk recants the masculine scent for an inviting and sensually suggestive smell. Naturally infused with essential oils like fir balsam to reduce anxiety and orange to help lift the mood. This aroma spray contains a little of everything to put everyone in the mood.


You won't want to skip this on your next movie date.

Movie Rooms, Bedrooms, Mancaves, Foyers, Cars, Offices.