Iconic MN in Dark Green
Iconic MN in Dark Green

Iconic MN in Dark Green

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This classic Minnesota holiday print was created by LAB MPLS. LAB MPLS's motto is "Connecting community through creativity. LAB launched in 2014, as a platform to connect with the community through creativity & collaboration.

Originally co-founded by Mollie Windmiller and Jessica Moriarty. Now solely owned by Mollie, LAB has organically grown significantly each year bringing creativity to the community through workshops, brand experiences, community events, and creative services.

Ultimately, providing inspiring content and experiences to our community, and connecting brands to their audience in real life, in memorable ways. 

  • All GiftyWrap large wrapping paper rolls are 30" wide by 15 feet long.
  • Our recyclable paper is printed on satin gloss paper.