Serum Applicators -10 Count

Serum Applicators -10 Count

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When in need of a quick spot treatment for an  irritated scalp or thinning area, these durable, lint-free spearhead precision swabs are perfect for safe application. Great to pair with ScalpBliss Itch Calming Serum.or ScalpBliss Growth Serum

One (1) package contains 10 spearhead foam swabs.


  • Durable
  • Lint-Free
  • Tips designed for precise scalp application
  • Great for versatile hairstyles - hard to reach scalp areas
  • Convenient Travel Size

Product Specifications:

These high quality application swabs  are made with smooth plastic handles that flex allowing ideal application without the risks of splintering or breakage. The dense cotton tip is compact allowing for ideal application without scratching or scarring the scalp.