The Glamatory Lip Potion Lacey

The Glamatory Lip Potion Lacey

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Experience our new lip potions in 12 shades! Vibrant liquid matte lipsticks that stay put all day, without harsh chemicals!

Lacey is a beautiful soft pink shade!

Twice the size of the average liquid lipstick size (6 ml per tube)!

Vegan, cruelty-free, long-lasting, mask approved, and won't dry your lips out! 

Instructions for keeping the lipstick from kissing off:

1) Apply to dry lips. You can exfoliate/add a small amount of balm but make sure that you blot first before applying 

2) Apply Lip color evenly

3) Blot excess color on a tissue

4) Let the color dry/set for at least 10 mins

5) Once its dry it will last!!

NOTE: the formula breaks down with oils and greasy foods